Perl : Regular expressions, modifier,substitution,transliteration

#Use of regular expressions #in perl for searching,#substitution and #transliteration.

my $_ = “Kedar ! Kedar! Mandar! Mandar! MJK! KJK!” ;
print “\nOriginal: “,$_;

if ($_=~m/(Kedar\!\ Mandar\!)/)
{ print “\nYou found Kedar! Mandar!”;}

$_== s/Kedar/Mandar/g;
print “\nAfter substituing Kedar with Mandar: “,$_;

$_== tr/Mandar/Jayant/;
print “\nAfter transliterating Mandar with Jayant: “,$_;


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One Response to “Perl : Regular expressions, modifier,substitution,transliteration”

  1. koolkedar Says:

    Output of the above script is:

    Original: Kedar ! Kedar! Mandar! Mandar! MJK! KJK!

    You found Kedar! Mandar!

    After substituing Kedar with Mandar: Mandar ! Mandar! Mandar! Mandar! MJK! KJK!

    After transliterating Mandar with Jayant: Jayaat ! Jayaat! Jayaat! Jayaat! JJK!

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