Some people are meant to be hated…

I generally don’t hate people when they show their tantrums or behave arrogantly with me.

I think everybody is individual, hence some people are not friendly in their first appearances but they should treat others properly or respectfully. This is what anyone expect from most of the people who meet for the first time.

But there are some people who you can’t like or can’t tolerate. They are the people meant to be hated.

I mate someone recently, who I would call a straight faced guy, who wouldn’t laugh a bit.

During our meeting I was trying to enlighten the environment by joking a little bit here and there, but the guy was so adamant that he wouldn’t respond to it, as if he is allergic to laughing. In the beginning I was under the impression that he is a serious or sincere guy but in the end I was sure that this guy would hardly have a friend or someone hardly likes him.

The basic reason I hated him mostly may be because I was at the receiving end and I had no option at that point to show him tantrums or attitude, otherwise I would have treated him equally badly.

Huh, whatever, I am hoping that I tried my best to deal with this adamant guy and hoping for the best outcome.


One Response to “Some people are meant to be hated…”

  1. Phil Says:

    Kedar hello.

    I’m just leaving the work environment for a few months and I fit the profile of the person you would call a straight faced guy.

    Sometimes it doesn’t seem that way because he won’t respond, but maybe he has been through something in his life that has made it hard for him to to laugh with others.

    When I was younger I was silly and would take everything lightly, I was very light hearted. I was scolded for that a lot and now it’s very hard for me to laugh with others or make friends, especially in the work environment, where there are others who see you as competition.

    That could be the case for your straight faced colleague. Maybe he felt that you were trying to get his guard down and that’s why he kept his guard up on purpose.

    It’s not easy being that guy.

    Thanks for listening.

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