Movie: Everybody’s fine

Everybody’s fine is a story of Frank and his 4 kids. Frank is an aged man living alone in his house and having his own routine. He is bored with loneliness because none of his kids come to visit him even on holidays. He is instructed by doctor to not to travel but he still decides to visit his all kids one by one and his journey begins. He decides to not to tell anyone about his visits and surprise them.

He first visits his daughter Amy, she doesn’t want to spend time with him, she treats him well but she doesn’t pursue him to stay for more days.

He then tries to visit his son David, but david is missing from home. He waits there for 2 days but couldn’t track him.

He then goes to meet his 2nd son Robert, who also avoids spending more time with him. Frank leaves on the same day and decides to go to meet Sophie.

Sophie already knows about Frank’s arrival (robert tells her) and welcomes Frank warmly. Frank is now running out on medication and couldn’t spend much time with Sophie. He leaves on the next day.

During his visit he realizes that all his kids are not truthful to him, they are lying about their life’s, success, failures. He asks everyone, why??? They say, because you worry too much about us, all the time, since we were kid. They talked to their mom’s just fine and in detail about everything, but they are not willing to share any bad news with him.

During flight travel, frank gets a heart attack and robert, sophie, amy comes to visit him in the hospital. He asks everyone to also visit him in Christmas holidays. Frank asks about david but he is missing and no more in this world. He is more worried about him now and feels that he lost david because he didn’t treat him well.

Later he buys one of the paintings of david and it clears the air for him.

The movie ends where Frank and his family are having dinner together, spending time together.

Robert De Niro as Frank, carries the whole film on his performance and displays various shades of frank’s character very effortlessly.

Other stars are good for their parts.

A good movie, though pace is slow in the middle, but a definitely one time watch for every movie lover.


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