Movie: The Angel’s share

This movie is about a guy Robbie, who comes out of a jail recently and wants to start a new life with his wife and new born son. He is good at small robberies, pick pocketing kinda stuff but doesn’t like to do that anymore. He wants to settle down by getting a good job. He gets help from harry who offers him job and takes him for visiting a wine factory.

Robbie luckily is gifted with a good smelling ability and meets a rich guy who is fond of buying older, costlier wine bottles. He offers a job to robbie, but robbie can’t take it now since there is a gang war going on between his family and another local family.

Robbie decides to break out and plans a big robbery of oldest wine, which could buy him his freedom and a safe life to his family. He gets help from his mates whom he knows during his job with harry. He successfully carries the whole robbery and gets lot of money for himself as well his mates.

The movie has some really funny moments, especially with albert, the guy with thick specs. Story and screenplay are also very unique and fresh.

It is a good, one time watch movie.


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