Movie: Beasts of the southern wild

This movie is about a girl hushpuppy (strange name), and her father wink who lives in a bathtub. Not an actual bathtub but a remote place surrounded by forest and sea, where everyone lives in a small huts made of crap materials.
Story revolves around hushpuppy’s life and her father’s sickness and continuous natural mishappening.How hushpuppy learns to live and matures and how her father tries to prepare her to survive.

I didn’t like the movie at all, the shooting place looks real and some scenes are well but it looks director was not sure about what he actually wanted to tell in the movie. Screenplay is average, all the characters are like placeholders.

I watched it only because it was nominated for best film’s of 2012. I was totally disappointed after first 10 minutes. Watch this movie only if you must watch it.


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