Marathi Movie: Prem mhanaje Prem mhanaje Prem asatn

This movie is a story about 4 people, Anushree (anu), Rohit, Kedar and Pradnya.

Anu (Mrunal Dev) and Kedar (Sunil barve) were married but separated for last 4 years and yet to get divorce. Kedar is now living with his girlfriend and anu takes care of their 2 daughters.

Rohit (Sachin Khedekar) and Pradnya (Pallavi Joshi) were also married but now separated for few years and divorced. Pradnya lives in america and Rohit now takes care of their 2 kids.

Both Rohit and Anu live in pune and their kids study in the same school. Due to some incidents Anu and Rohit came to know each other and fell in love after few meetings.

However when they both accept their love for each other, suddenly Kedar and Pradnya wants to come back to their spouses and live with family. Rohit and Anu face the dilemma of whether to be with their new found love or stick to their family and make everyone happy but self.

Movie is very well written and dialogues are also very good. Reactions of anu’s parents, sister, kids and their approach towards these all incidents is also very well explained in the story. All the actors and supporting cast is perfect for their parts and make the movie enjoyable.

A must watch movie for every marathi movie fan.


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