Movie: The bourne legacy

This movie is a fourth part of Bourne trilogy. The story is about a new special agent Aaron. The story runs in parallel with earlier 3 bourne movie stories and not a sequel to it.
Aaron is one special agent and is on run for quite some time. Like him all the special agents are under medication which keeps them active and alert all the time. Suddenly one by one all agents start dying due to change of medication and story takes a new turn. Aaron also mets with life taking accidents but manages to survive and continues his quest for new medication. Dr. Marta who is a scientist and unaware about her medical companies dark side, meets Aaron and gets trapped into life risking incidents. Aaron comes to her rescue and seeks help from her for medication pills.

The story revolves around the chasing sequences and thrilling action scenes. The climax chase sequence is top notch. Screenplay is tight and direction is good.

All the actors have done their part well. Jeremy Renner gets most of the important scenes and delivers true to its expectations. Rachel weisz and Edward norton doesn’t get much scope. All other actors are good in their part.

A must watch for action movie lovers.


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One Response to “Movie: The bourne legacy”

  1. Mandar J Kulkarni Says:

    Didn’t like the movie. The movie seemed like a failed attempt to reach the bar set by earlier Borne movies especially because of the action scenes and chase sequences. Edward Norton is totally wasted too! Rachel Weisz is fine, but her role is not worthy and about Jemmy Renner, he needs to make right choices about movies.

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