Movie: Looper

This is a story about time travelling. The movie begins with a statement, ‘Time travel is not invented yet, but 30 years from now, it will be.’ The looper ‘Joe’ works for underworld guys, kills people from the future and past. He gets good amount of money in form of silver and is enjoying his life.

Suddenly all the loops start getting closed, which means a looper has to kill his own future persona. One of Joe’s friend misses his target and can’t kill his future persona. Joe saves him from getting killed by underworld criminals but later himself faces the same situation. It creates an interesting situation where both old Joe (bruce willis) and young Joe (Joseph Gordon Lewitt) exist together. Joe has to kill older Joe to continue his life but older Joe wants to save younger Joe by some other weird ways, so that both can get back to lives

Story has got very interesting plot but movie fails to impact in totality. It has got some good action scenes and shocking sequences but screenplay could have been much tighter. All the actors are good in their performances.

It is a good one time watch movie.


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