Movie Review: The words

This movie is a story about a writer; who publishes a book, which is his own story of how he once steal someone’s story and published it as his own. The screenplay is little tricky here but it makes the movie more interesting and end reveals all the secrets.

The story goes like this, there was a one struggling writer Rory, who is trying hard to make his name but couldn’t succeed. His wife Dora supports him in his struggle. On their honeymoon in Paris they buy one ancient bag and bring it home. To his surprise he finds some written pages in it. When he reads them he comes to know that it is a story about one soldier who loved his wife very much and wrote the story when she leaves him. Rory becomes very emotional about the story and wants to feel the feelings of story writer, so he writes all those words on his own. Dora reads that story one day and pursues Rory to take that story to publisher.

After that Rory becomes very popular writer and gets name and fame. One day the soldier who wrote the story visits Rory and the story takes a new turn. How Rory struggles in the dilemma of accepting truth or to continue with un deserved life, is best seen in the movie itself.

Bradley cooper delivers another best act and carries the movie on his shoulders. Story is very good. It is an enjoyable movie and you shouldn’t miss this.


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One Response to “Movie Review: The words”

  1. CMrok93 Says:

    Bradley is fine in the lead, but it’s Irons who steals this movie as soon as he has his 15 minutes of fame by the end. He’s easily the best thing about this movie and they sort of treat him like an old-joke. Nice review.

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