Movie: Nautanki Saala

This is a story about 2 characters Ram (played by Ayushmann khuranna) and Mandar (Kunal kapoor) and how their life’s turn up and down due to each others presence.
Ram is an actor who is part of successful drama “Raavanleela” and is playing the central character of villain Raavan, as in like Ramayana. Though he plays a baddie in drama, is a hero in real life who helps people in need. One day while he is coming home from his drama, he sees that Mandar is trying to sucide by hanging himself. He saves his life and brings him home. Story begins when Mandar tells his story, about his love interest Nandini and how he is committing sucide to avoid living without her.
Ram wants to help Mandar by helping him win Nandini’s heart, but in doing so, himself fells in love with her. Nandini also starts loving Ram after knowing him well. Ram also helps Mandar in real life by letting him play character of Ram in their drama, letting him stay in his house. Mandar doesn’t know how Ram has fallen for Nandini and keeps pursuing her. Ram has to choose between friendship with Mandar or his true love Nandini. Ram being good at heart doesn’t want to betray Mandar and let Nandini go to him. But Mandar comes to know about it when he sees Ram’s ring in Nandini’s finger and let her go to Ram.
Movie’s script is brilliantly written and beautifully directed by Rohan sippy. Screenplay is too good, dialogues are excellent and songs are awesome. What else one can expect from a movie, performances?
All the actors deliver beyond their expectations and carry the film brilliantly.
Don’t miss this one.


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