Visiting dentist

I recently visited dentist for severe pain I am having in my teeth. The procedure that I went through is called root canal. The procedure is very long, lasts 4-5 visits. Every time you visit, you will be given anesthesia to relax your mouth and teeth. Then for 2-3 hours you won’t be able to eat properly, though they say for 1 hour, you can’t, other wise you only will suffer from pain.I am suffering from too much pain these days due to this procedure and hence writing to let everyone know that you can avoid it by taking following precautions.

The pain that I have under gone is due to my mistake only, because I was facing some tooth aches while eating for almost an year or so, but I neglected it and that caused the infection to root deeper.

  • Please go and check your teeth if you are having even smaller bearable pain. You won’t know when it will be late and your tooth might get infected severely.
  • Brushing your teeth daily once or twice is not sufficient, you need to clean your teeth by using your fingers, it helps a lot.
  • Drink a lot of water after meals, it keeps your mouth clean from salivation.
  • I recently came to know if you are having high salivation then also chances are more that your teeth will get infected.

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