Movie: Promised Land

This is a story about a land management guy Steve(Matt damon) who works for Natural Gas company named Global. He is on assignment to convince small town land owners, about selling their lands to Global, after which Global would start natural gas well’s from those lands.
Steve begins this task with his assistant sue(Frances McDorman) in full speed with positive mind set. In the process a school teacher Mr. Yates from the town opposes the proposal from Steve. Yates points out the true problems in implementing Natural Gas solution. Then also enters a new guy in town Dustin, who works for the environmental company and starts spreading awareness about Natural gas’s environmental problems. Steve starts losing the respect in town and has to find a way through this. How the story takes a different turn in the end is better seen in movie itself.
Matt damon delivers brilliantly the different shades of steve’s character. Actor portraying the character of Dustin is also good. Film has got some interesting scenes and funny dialogues. It is a good one time watch movie.


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