Movie: Lawless

This movie is a story based on true incidents and real life characters. It is about three brothers from Bondurant family. Elder Forrest (Tom Hardy), 2nd one Howard (Jason Clarke) and youngest Jack Bondurant (Shia Labeouf). Forrest and Howard are rash and hardcore, merciless guys who can kill or cut the person in pieces. Jack is very naive and is not built like both of them. Jack wants to earn money fast and have a good life, good cars, good girl and wants to enjoy life. Forrest is a disciplined guy and have his principles of life and business.
All 3 are outlaws and into business of making liquor. Their enemies and new deputy Charlie Rakes (Guy Pearce), wants to get a share from their profits. Hence the war begins between them. Forrest and Howard manage the business well but Jack also wants to prove his mettle and hence enters in business with his friend Cricket Pete. After some time Forrest also allows Jack to be part of running liquor business. Jack who is in love with a girl from town, gets  everyone into trouble because of his careless behavior. How new deputy Charlie Rakes tries to dominate bondurant brothers, and how immortal bondurant brothers strike back each time is best seen in the movie itself.
All the actors especially Shia Labeouf and Guy Pearce have performed their parts brilliantly. Dialogues are few but good. The scenary shown in the movie and canvas is very good. Story is good,well written, engaging. But some scenes could have been avoided.
The movie has many scenes showing blood and brutal actions. So watch it only if you can. It is a good movie but not for light hearted people.


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