Movie : Gangster Squad

This movie is a story of city Los Angeles in year 1949, just few years after world war II. Mickey Cohen (sean penn) wants to rule the city of Los Angeles and is emerging fast as a new crime lord. Mickey is ruthless and an ex boxer who wants to be more and more powerful, for which he is earning more money by multiplying his crime activities. He has bought most of the cops of city and judges as well. However Sargent John O’mara (Josh Brolin) is amongst few uncorrupted cops and wants the city to be clean and is extremely brave, who wants to fight the criminals single handed. Sargent Jerry (Ryan Gosling) is a cop tired of fighting and wants to enjoy  his life now.

One day police chief calls Sargent John in his office and asks him to bring Mickey cohen down, asks him to recruit few cops for this operation and keep this operation under ground. John agrees completely and starts recruiting. He hires a good gunman, an electronic device techie, a loyal and angry cop. Jerry joins the gang later. All the members of the squad except Jerry trust the leadership of John and give their hundred percent for the mission. They track most of the activities of Mickey by placing an audio recording device in mickey’s house. Mickey starts losing the war with no face opponents. But he finds out who these activists are and starts acting against them and their families. Jerry comes to know that Mickey knows about cops who are acting against him, hence tries to stop John. John survives from one of the life taking accidents. In the climax John and Jerry with other squad members attack mickey in his house and bring him down.

There are excellent action scenes, nice dialogues, stylish attitudes and a good story. It could have been much better if drama in the movie was intense or the story had more twists and turns. All the actors are good but not best. Some comedy scenes especially between squad members are really funny. Sean Penn is over the top and looks like he is mimicking Al Pacino or Robert De Niro. Josh Brolin is sincere and delivers his best performance. Ryan Gosling is good as chick magnet but lacks in action sequences. Director Ruben Fleischer has done a decent job. The plus point of the movie is it looks like the story is in 1949. All the localities and costumes, cars, music suits perfectly to the era of 1949. Hence we enjoy the movie totally.

There are few violent scenes in the movie, in fact one in the beginning itself, so take note of it if you are planning to watch it. Overall, this is a good one time watch movie.


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