Hindi Movie: Lootera

This movie is a story about a boy Varun (Ranveer Singh) and a girl Pakhi (Sonakshi Sinha). The story is based on era of 1950’s to 1960’s. Pakhi is a daughter of rich landholder from small town in West Bengal state of India. Her father loves her very much and wants her to be happy. One day Varun enters in town as archaeologist and asks for permission from Pakhi’s father to stay in town for digging around old temple in town. Varun and his friends set up a trap to loot the idols of god from temple and the hereditary wealth of Pakhi’s father. During varun’s stay he starts to learn drawing and painting from Pakhi. Pakhi and Varun start loving each other when they start meeting daily. But Varun has to complete his task of looting all the wealth and have to leave his love for Pakhi behind. He suddenly disappears from Pakhi’s life.
Pakhi’s father couldn’t survive, when he comes to know about betrayal from Varun. Pakhi also loses hope for life and shifts to dalhousie to stay alone and away from the past. But the local police officer asks for her help to take a revenge of her father’s death. Pakhi provides information to cops and cops plan to set a trap for catching Varun and his gang members. Unaware abour Pakhi and trap set by police, Varun arrives in dalhousie with his friend. Pakhi rents out her guesthouse to Varun and his friend for staying. Cops try to catch Varun and his friend, after they have managed to put gang leader behind bars. Varun gets injured in shootout with cops and kills a cop and his friend by mistake. Pakhi who is very sick now a days doesn’t want to live any more after seeing the cruel side of Varun, whom she had loved so deeply. Varun on the other hand wants to live for Pakhi and tries everything to make sure she survives. Varun manages to gain his love back and Pakhi starts believing varun again. Pakhi keeps saving Varun from cops and Varun saves her by taking good care of her health. In the end cops kill Varun. But Pakhi is now able to live life with a new hope.
The story is based on small plotline but is full of interesting scenes and good songs. Director Vikramaditya Motwane deserves accolades for his excellent story telling and direction. Some of the sequences are unrealistic and look fake but such scenes are very less. The movie could have been much better if it had more intense dialogues or more drama in it. Director has kept it simple to understand yet interesting. The name of the movie Lootera (thief) tells itself about Varun’s nature hence the suspense looks dried out. Background score of the movie is good. Ranveer singh is average. Sonakshi sinha has delivered much much better than her earlier performances. Divya dutta who plays a Pakhis servant in dalhousie has very few scenes. The climax of the movie is exceptionally good which makes you forget all the flaws in story.
Overall, watch this movie for a heart touching story and awesome climax.


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