Moving your blog from wordpress to blogger

I am really enjoying blogging with wordpress. But I wanted to earn some extra money with this blogging venture, hence I was trying to find out a way to put ads on my wordpress blog, which I am unable to do so as of now, but I will try and find out that soon.

For time being, I found out that it is very easy to use adsense which is google’s proprietary tool for placing ads on your blog. So I decided to copy all the existing posts from wordpress to blogger. Created a new account as well on blogger for that.

To have all the posts available on blogger .com you need to export all the posts or all content from wordpress, it will be exported in .xml format, convert it to format suitable for, import it on

  1. For doing this, on  you need to go to ,  <blog name > -> Tools > Export -> select all the content.
  2. Save the created .xml file on your desktop.
  3. Open this link in your internet browser:
  4. Click on ‘Browse’ button. Then browse it to the saved .xml file.
  5. Then click ‘Convert’ button. This will generate a new .xml file , save it as well on your desktop. It generally gets created with name blogger-export.xml.
  6. Open
  7. Log in with your existing gmail / google account or create a new account.
  8. In go to settings > other > import blog.
  9. Browse for the saved .xml file for blogger.
  10. Type in the displayed keywords and all your content, posts and comments will be imported in blogger.
  11. It should get displayed in posts page, if it doesn’t then click refresh button of your internet browser or hit ‘F5″ key.

To enable to place ads to your blog, go to ‘Earnings’ section on

Your posts content and data will be validated before approving your adsense account.

Hope this information helps.


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