Becoming a father

Becoming a father is one of most divine experiences any person could have. It is truly amazing to see a part of your soul, heart , mind and body, becoming alive, moving, interacting, responding, breathing and so on….
It is a speechless experience. The moment you hold your kid in your hand you suddenly feel elder, responsible, caring. It gives you a sense of creating something new, regenerating your identity in the world. This post is going to be my hopeless attempt to express all of my feelings, but it is worth a try. Even during writing this post I feel like I am discovering some new feeling I had the moment I saw my daughter for the first time.
It is the undoubtedly best moment in my life till date. It is really enriching , satisfying, meditating kind of experience to see your kid grow day by day. The sheer joy of seeing your kid laugh, respond to your actions, see her learn small small things everyday is like witnessing the magical creation of god.
I think you become a better person when you become a father. You start loving each and everything around you.
Seeing your parents reaction when they see their grand kid is also another unique experience. They instantly start guessing about how kid will look alike, like father or like mother.
Life starts a new subject not just chapter, when you get married and then when you become a father.


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