Book: Dollar bahu

This book is a story of a middle class Indian family, living in Bangalore city of Karnataka state. As the name suggests (Bahu means daughter in law), the main characters in the story are mother in law and 2 daughters in law. The story revolves around Gouramma (Gauri) who has 2 sons Chandru and Girish, 1 daughter Surabhi.Chadru is elder amongst all 3. He initially was working in Bangalore for a company, and later gets sent to America for a new project. Girish on the other hand is an average guy and is working in a bank as a clerk. Gouramma always wants to be rich and wants to show off in front of her friends. Father Shamanna is a teacher in school and a down to earth guy.
Gouramma has dreams about his son Chandru settling in USA and fulfilling all her wishes by sending her dollars. Chandru too wants to get settled in USA and have a good life. The story is written well with twists and turns. How Vinuta enters into family, how Chandru manages to settle in USA, chandru’s wife Jamuna, who is a two faced girl, how she treats her mother in law when she lives with them in USA are all well written incidents in the story and they make the story more interesting.
The basic message that author Sudha Murty tries to give is that, you go to any country, there will always be pluses and minuses. Its up to us whether we are happy with what we have or keep crying for something which we don’t have. The language used in the book is very simple and it is an enjoyable story. Author sudha murty has done brilliant job of praising India and America as well as pointed out the flaws in cultures of both the countries. This book is must read for all the young Indians who are starving to go to America and wants to settle there. It will also be an eye opener for greedy people, who think money can buy everything.
Story is easily predictable and some of the incidents are very much like movie scenes. In the end of the story it is filled with series of incidents where Gouramma is visiting many people in USA and her experiences about those visits. Some story part of the book could have been better, but overall the book is good and worth reading.
Sudha murty has brilliantly woven feelings and emotions of a mother in law and daughter in law into a story which could be happening in any region of India these days. Do read this book.


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