Movie: Olympus has fallen

This is an entertaining movie full of action, drama, dialogues, suspense, just like masala Hindi movie but songs.
Story begins where Mike Banning (Gerard Butler) who is chief guard of United states president Benjamin Asher (Aaron Eckhart). In car accident due to bad weather president Benjamin loses his wife. Mike who saves president fails to save her, in complex situation. It results in Mike ending up in anther security department and removed from his job as chief guard of president.
On one normal day, there happens a huge terrorist attack on white house. President Benjamin and his staff is kept hostage, to gain all the high security and nuclear weapon related information from them. Mike somehow manages to survive from a series of life risking attacks and enters the white house secretly. Now he is the lone survivor amongst whole lot of terrorists. With his prior experience of working in white house, Mike manages to rescue president’s son Connor safely from white house. Then he also manages to rescue president safely from the bunker of white house and also kills all the terrorists too.
The story is a complete work of fiction but a brilliant one. Movie is also very well shot, visual effects are very good and look real. Gerard butler and Aaron Eckhart had given excellent performances. Morgan freeman as Speaker Trumbull has a small but important role and he is perfect in it. Rick Yune as terrorist Kang and Dylan Mcdermott as Forbes are very good and they have done their part convincingly. Radha Mitchell has a small role but she also has acted well.
Overall, this is a very entertaining movie, don’t miss this one.


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