Hindi Movie: Once upon a time in mumbai dobaara

This is one of the pathetic movies of the year 2013. It is a sequal to earlier hit movie Once upon a time in mumbai. Actually I wasn’t very enthusiastic about watching this movie because of Imran Khan, who is the worst ever actor.
Coming to the movie and its story now, this is a story of Shoaib (Akshay Kumar) is a mafia don who rules the mumbai and underworld, Aslam (Imran khan) is a gang member of Shoaib for last 12-13 years and Jasmine (Sonakshi Sinha) is a kashmiri girl who wants to be an actress in hindi films. The story begins as a revenge drama when Shoaib wants to kill his opponent Rawal (Mahesh Manjarekar) because he wants to be the ruler of under world. Suddenly there comes a girl in story and the whole focus shifts from drama, action to romance and comedy. Aslam and Shoaib both love Jasmine and both of them are unaware that their love interest is common. Jasmine is not sure about her love interest till the last 20 minutes of the film are remaining.
Shoaib kills his opponent Rawal and becomes crime lord of the mumbai again. Aslam who is a right hand of Shoaib helps him in becoming the same and is completely loyal to Shoaib. When Shoaib comes to know that Aslam also loves Jasmine, he tries to kill Aslam. In the end, Aslam gets badly injured, Shoaib too is living in some remote place and Jasmine stays with Aslam.
The movie has some real good dialogues but most of them are repeated again and again. It could have been much much better film if story line could have been better and more interesting. Akshay Kumar has tried his best and had put serious efforts in creating a character. Imran khan should stop acting in films now, he is boring and doesn’t suit the character at all. Sonakshi sinha looks too dumb in the dumbest character ever. Mahesh manjarekar doesn’t get much scope but he has done his part well. Songs in the movie are not good and they just prolong the story. Director Milan lutharia completely fails in recreating the magic of his earlier successful movie Once upon a time in mumbai.
Overall, you can avoid watching this movie.


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