Movie: The raid redemption

This is one of the best action movies I have ever seen till date. Story is simple and straight forward but the way the action sequences are shot is truly brilliant. It really gives you goose bumps when we see almost all the action scenes shot very closely it creates a different impact altogether and takes the movie watching experience to a new level.
All the incidents took place inside one big building which is a place for some mafia leader to operate all his crimes. One day a batch of army soldiers attacks the building following the orders they have received. They were under the assumption that this would like any other building which they have raided before but to their surprise the building is full of guns and weapons holders ready to cut them in pieces. Many of the soldiers die in the beginning of the attack only, few survivors manage to enter inside alive. How only 3 soldiers from the whole batch manage to come out is best seen in the movie itself. Especially the last fighting scene between two brothers versus a small guy is awesome.
Every action sequence in the movie is better than the earlier one. Background music is also very engrossing and serves the purpose. Most of the actions sequences are rapid and too many things happen before you blink you eye. Trust me, in most of the action scenes you will find something new and unseen before. I have never seen any of the actors in the movie before but all of them are very good and they all are extremely well trained mixed martial art performers or some other fighting technique may be. Story, screenplay, direction, editing, action choreography, sound and basically everything about the movie is just too good.
Till now, you must have understood that this movie is really a treat for action movie lovers, don’t miss this at all. One suggestion is it would be too harsh for weak hearted people, so be careful.


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