STAF (Software Testing Automation Framework)

Recently I have been working on implementing STAF for our testing project. So I would be explaining some of the basics behind choosing STAF over other available automation frameworks.

1) It is open source tool. Easily available for download. Developed and maintained by one of the reputed organizations like IBM.

2) It supports use of many programming languages for configuration, like Python, JAVA, C++.

3) It provides extra services for monitoring the tests progress and controlling the test execution.

4) It is widely used in many organizations these days.

5) It is very flexible to add or remove test clients from the framework.

Some of the flaws I have come across while using STAF are as below:

1) Very less material is available online for configuring STAF. All the search basically points to STAF user guide only and few other blogs.

2) It is not that easy to configure the framework.

Now, talking about STAF, it basically needs one management machine (say STAF server) which will be used for running jobs on test machines (say STAF clients).
You need to install STAF on both the server and client machines.
If you are going to have more than one test client then you will need STAF to be installed on all of them as well.
Service STAFProc of STAF tool should be running on server and clients.
You can find more details here :
I have studied STAF along with STAX and Python. STAX is a GUI service of STAF which can be used for monitoring the running jobs and controlling the test clients. Python along with STAF is called PySTAF. There is a separate user guide for PySTAF which can be refered here:

I will be writing more about STAF in next few posts and explaining the whole framework implementation process for PySTAF.


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