Marathi book: Nagin

Nagin in Marathi language means a female snake. This is a book by well known Marathi author Charuta Sagar. This book is a collection of short stories all written by Charuta Sagar only. All the stories are based on rural lives of nomadic tribes in Indian small towns.
Some of the stories are related to the tribes which are earning their lives by wandering from one town to another and by doing roadside shows. Some of the stories are on military soldiers lives. Some of them are related to lives of tribes who trap snakes and earn their living by making plays with snakes. Then there are also stories about two people who earned their living by collecting orphan dead bodies. Their is a story about a school teacher from small town who have to pay a bribe to authorized person in order to get his salary.
All the stories are very descriptive about different cultures that exists in Maharashtra. Almost all stories end with a twist in the tale. Some stories make you think about how difficult life is for some of the tribes.
This is a must read book for every Marathi book lover for the sheer reason of its content. There are hardly few Marathi books available which throws light on the conditions of different tribes in Maharashtra.
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    Thank you.. very helpful!

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