Movie: Hope Springs

This is a feel good movie, with simple yet interesting story and few comic scenes. Story is about an old couple Kay (Meryl streep) and Arnold (Tommy lee jones), who are married for 31 years. After 31 years of marriage though both are living under same roof, they hardly discuss their problems or feelings with each other now. Kay is upset about it and wants to fix this. Arnold on the other hand doesn’t care about it and takes it as a phase of life.
One day Kay decides to go to a consultant Dr. Feld (Steve carell) for duration of 1 week, to get advice on their marriage. Arnold reluctantly joins her. Arnold is very angry and has notion about consulting therapies as they are waste of time and no one should do it. Slowly Arnold starts liking the sessions and starts following the guidelines. Both Kay and Arnold try their best to revive their marriage. They again try to make love to each other. In the end they both start living together like newly married couple and start enjoying the life.
The story has some really funny moments, especially Arnold’s initial scenes with Dr. Feld. The story is based on very relevant subject about how physical relationship plays important role in couples marriage. Meryl streep again has delivered the excellent performance. Tommy lee jones looks very natural and fits in character perfectly. Steve carell is also very good in his role. Director David Frankel has done brilliant job.
The movie has some sensuous scenes as well. Don’t miss this movie.


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