Marathi Movie: Anumati

This is a good movie but it got over hyped, when actor Vikram Gokhale who plays the lead role in this movie, got national award for his performance. Director Gajendra Ahire is without doubt one of the finest directors in Marathi film industry and has done an excellent job by narrating a simple story in interesting way. Other actors like Neena Kulkarni, Reema Lagu, Subodh bhave, Kishor Kadam, Arun Nalavade are very good in their small roles. Sai Tamhankar has done non-glamorous role and luckily she has very less scope.
Ratnakar (Vikram Gokhale) is an old man whose wife Madhu (Neena Kulkarni) is on ventilator for life support. Madhu went into this state accidentally during one of their happies phase in life. Now Ratnakar has to struggle hard to arrange money for her survival and costly medical treatments. His son Shrikant (Subodh Bhave) is a loser in life and couldn’t help his father much. Ratnakar tries contacting all his relatives including his daughter and his brother but couldn’t collect enough money. His college friend Ambu (Reema Lagu) whom he meets after many days, also advices him few things about life. In the end, though Ambu tries to financially help Ratnakar to save Madhu, she couldn’t. Because Ratnakar loses hope and gives up his life.
The movie has interesting screenplay, nice music, excellent performances by all the actors. Poems in voice of Vikram Gokhale are also very good.
Overall, this is a good one time watch movie. Watch it for yet again excellent performance by stalwart Vikram Gokhale.


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