Movie: Oblivion

This is one of the best sci-fi movies I have ever seen. The story is a complete fantasy and happens in year 2077. I hardly like science fiction movies in which there is too much too assume for a viewer, this movie is no exception for that but the direction is good and the treatment is also different. so this movie has become a treat for movie lovers.
In year 2077, earth is attacked by some aliens and now whole earth environment is ruined. All the human beings are shifting to new planet. Jack (Tom cruise) is living in space on a spaceship with Victoria (Andrea Riseborough). Jack is on a mission to look after the maintenance of drones which are sent to kill remaining human beings on earth. Jack when on mission, wanders on earth and keeps finding new beautiful places. He wants Victoria also to come with him some day and visit those places, but she refuses all the time. One day Jack is attacked by some alien scavs on earth and he feels that they don’t want to kill him but catch him alive. Jack is also having the same dream every night with one beautiful girl, he couldn’t know what that dream is about. After few days during one incident, Jack sees that same girl Julia (Olga Kurylenko) on earth and saves her from drones. He brings her to their spaceship. This incident starts a chain of new incidents in lives of Jack, Victoria and Julia. Beech (Morgan Freeman) who is commander of troop of survived human beings after war, wants Jack to come back to earth and stop the war. The story becomes more and more interesting as it proceeds and when one mystery leads to another.
Movie is brilliantly pictured. Direction by Joseph Kosinski is awesome. Story is basically combination of 3-4 sci-fi movie stories like ‘Source code’, ‘The Island’ to name a few. But overall the movie is good. Scenes when Jack is traveling in his special vehicle and on his bike are completely mind blowing. Performances by all the actors are good but in this movie story is a total winner.
Overall, this is a must watch movie.


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