Marathi book: Satyam Shivam Sundaram

This is a Marathi novel, written by famous author Ravindra Bhat, on the life

of great Indian Saint Swami Vivekananda. The real name of Swami Vivekananda is

Narendra Datt. The book is divided into 4 parts, first part is about years

from Swami Vivekanand’s birth to his teen ages. Second part is about how

Narendra’s journey began towards discovery of truth. Third part is about how

Narendra becomes Swami Vivekananda, and fourth part is about his world travel

and his work towards liberation of human beings, in brief.
The initial 2 parts of this book are very slow paced, it is full of

explanations only and very few incidents. Third part is interesting and more

informative about Narendra’s transformation into Swami Vivekananda. Fourth

part is fast paced though, but lacks the information. I felt like author was

in some hurry to finish the book. The main intention of author here is

basically to inform about how Swami Vivekananda was different from others and

how he was struggling to breakthrough from birth-life-death circle, through

which every alive creature has to go. The book also provides background about

Swamiji’s family, his childhood, his college days, how the castism existing

in society then impacted his behavior, how his ‘SadGuru’ Shree Ramkrishna

Paramhans nurtured him to become a true prophet, how Swamiji shocked the

whole world by explaining most ancient and still most divine Hindu religion,

through his series of lectures in United States of America.
Author succeeds in providing the overview of Swamiji’s life and even how

difficult his journey was to become true prophet, but the book lacks the

detailing, which is very much needed when one writes about such stalwart

personalities. Author succeeds in conveying the real learning from Swamiji’s

life,in Marathi ‘Shivbhave Jiv Seva’,in english that is ‘To help the every

individual who is suffering or seeks help’. In India before independance,

when Swamiji travelled across the whole Indian land, he realized that in

society poor is becoming more poor and wealthier, richer persons are becoming

more and more rich by ill treating the poorer. This experience moved Swamiji

and he decided to enlighten the whole generation by putting them on correct

path of humanity. He wanted everyone to know that it is very very important

to help the needy, that way you can actually find peace and find the true God

within yourself. Swamiji believed that Hindu religion is a great religion in

the world and it has the capacity to enlighten the generations.
Overall, this is a good book but it could have been much better if it has

more detailed information and if description was more fast paced. As I did,

you should read this book if you want to start learning about Swamiji’s life

and his work.
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