Marathi book: Vavtal

Even today in India, very few established writers dare to write about cast-ism. But the question is, How many amongst them write something logical in it? How many amongst them think at least twice before writing it? Most importantly, how many of them think from all the perspectives before writing it? Many such authors who are completely biased and have no idea what they are writing about should read this book first.
‘Vavtal’ is an imaginary story written by very well known and one of the all time great authors ‘Vyankatesh Madgulkar’. The story is based on true incidents happened in small villages of Maharashtra state of India, in year 1948. In year 1948, Indian freedom fighter Mr. Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi was killed by Nathuram Godase, who was a Brahmin by caste. Due to this incidence, many people of other castes burned the houses of many other Brahmins. No matter how illogical this sounds, but this unfortunately has happened in India. Sometimes I wonder, how long this internal wars will be continued? Few generations of one cast ill treat other cast and when their fates reverse, next generations take revenge of it. This has to stop somewhere, otherwise it would take us to end of humanity. It is very important for human beings to think through about any action they are doing, because it is the human brain which separates them from animals. If we won’t use it and just follow the mob, we would be no different from goats.
Now coming back to book, Shankar, who lives in Pune and Brahmin by cast, is terrified after Gandhi killing. Few people have taken law in their hand and terrifying the people from Brahmin cast by burning their houses. Shankar, who feels that his house in small town will be safe, because of good relations maintained by his family members with people in town. When he starts travelling towards his village with his two other Brahmin friends Gopu and Yashwant, he starts realizing that situation is getting worse day by day and small towns are no safe at all. How during his journey he discovers that the brutal act by some violent people, has wounded deep to Brahmins in the society. During their journey they meet few known, few unknown guys from non-Brahmin casts, but they all help them survive. How some people who were not happy with Brahmins, took their revenge through this act, how non-Brahmins only, after this attack helped them to live in town, how true nature of some Brahmins is exposed due to this incident, how society of happily together living people loses due to such violent act, is better understood when reading the book.
This is a small story but the incidents explained in the book are long-lasting and create a deep impact on reader’s mind. Story is fast paced which takes grip rapidly. Author succeeds in putting views of people from all the different casts living together in small towns.
I read this book and was literally moved. I will definitely cherish the moment when the thoughts put in by author cleared my mind and opened my eyes. It is the humanity who loses when violence occurs, no body wins.
It is a must read book for everyone.

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2 Responses to “Marathi book: Vavtal”

  1. Amit Jere Says:

    I agree Kedar! Humanity should prevail through such traumatic incidents. The biggest plus point of the book is it doesn’t try to provoke Brahmins in any way. However it tries to throw the light on the war of thoughts going on through a young Brahmin’s mind during that period. Every HUMAN BEING should read this book! 🙂

  2. Mandar Patil Says:

    What can be more tragic than the fact that just after the assassination of the leader who brought all Indians together, a CAST was centered and considered responsible for nation’s loss? MKG spent his whole life working hard to remove the differences among Indians and bring them together to exile British rule, but his so called followers and worshipers forgot his teachings right after his death and started the misuse of power.
    There are lots of books dedicated for the Hindu-Muslim wars after partition, but this book is very rare in the sense that it talks about the rural India after Gandhi where a Hindu cast suffered the most.

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