Book: 7 Secrets of Shiva

This book is written by Devdutt Patnaik, who is doctor by education, a leadership consultant by profession and mythologist by passion. This is one of the good books I have read.
As the name says, the book is about Hindu God Shiva and it is divided into 7 parts as following:
1. Lingeshvara’s secret
2. Bhairava’s secret
3. Shankara’s secret
4. Bholenath’s secret
5. Ganesha’s secret
6. Murugan’s secret
7. Natraja’s secret

Beauty of this book is that it contains images on every left hand page and description on the right hand page, which makes the book more interesting.
Though the chapters are named as secrets, there is nothing unknown or new found or fake things about God Shiva. Basically different forms of Shiva are explained through various stories and relating them with some examples from existing tribes or ancient incidents.
I came to know too many unknown and new things about God Shiva after reading this book. Reading mythological stuff, written as multiple stories together definitely teaches us something new and provokes us to think wisely about Hindu Religion and different rituals followed in it. The stories are not only written but also very well explained by author, which makes them more logical even today.
I found first 2 chapters little boring, because there are very few stories in them and more of a information. Remaining chapters are full of stories and very very interesting. Most of the stories are rarely known to even Hindu’s and especially to today’s youth.
I would recommend this book to everyone.
You can buy this book online at :
Also visit author Devdutt Patnaik’s website for reading more interesting mythological stuff:


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