Movie: Safe Haven

This movie is a love story but with mysterious backdrop, a very rare combination. Director Lasse Hallstrom has done a decent job but the movie has some flaws which could have been easily taken care of. The screenplay is very good in the first half, but loses grip in second half.
Katie (Julianne Hough) who is running from her past, one day arrives on Southport, North Carolina and decides to stay there. She wants to start new life, so she finds a job in town, a small place to live. Alex (Josh Duhamel) who is a widower and living in the same town with his two kids, likes her from the first moment. Then he tries to help her settle in the town. Katie on the other hand doesn’t want to let anyone come closer to her and she is hiding her past from everyone. Slowly slowly, Alex wins her over and Katie also starts liking him. Her neighbor Jo (Cobie smulders), helps her in taking decisions about Alex’s offerings. Police officer Tierney (David Lyons) who is on the Katie’s trail from beginning, one day finds her enjoying with Alex and his kids. He is in the town for a reason and Katie couldn’t hide her past anymore. What happens in the end is better seen in the movie itself.
Story is good and different, but it unnecessarily gets prolonged towards end. Julianne Hough looks good and she has portrayed her character very well. Josh Duhamel is a charmer and performs such characters with ease. David Lyons character doesn’t shape up well and his acting looks artificial. Cobie smulders surprises in her small role of Jo. Acting of small kids is also good. Screenplay is gripping in the first half but stretched too much in the second half.
Overall, it is a good one time watch movie.


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