Movie: Gravity

This is a science fiction movie and your experience would be much better if you watch it in 3D. I think this is a third movie this year which is about space and world outside earth. First there was ‘Oblivion’ then ‘Elysium’ and now ‘Gravity’. But all 3 stories are very different from each other.

Dr. Ryan Stone (Sandra bullock) and Matt Kowalski (George Clooney) are the 2 main characters in the story. Both of them are working for NASA on some project. On one normal day, a major accident occurs in space and that causes too much a problem for Stone and Kowalski. How Stone and Kowalski struggle with the problem and that too in space where there is no gravity, nothing can hold them back, they are completely on their own, whether they manage to survive from it is better seen in the movie itself. In short this is a story about human nature to survive and struggle, how with positive attitude one can win in complete negative surrounding is the story all about.

Performances of Sandra bullock and George Clooney are flawless. Direction by Alfonso Curaon is also good. All the special effects are awesome. Story, screenplay and dialogues are also very good which makes the movie enjoyable. Some of the space related concepts like ‘debris’ were not known to me, if story teller would have taken care of such things then the movie would have appealed more. But still it is an enjoyable ride.

Do watch this movie for its special effects and different story.


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