Marathi book: Kabuliwala ani itar katha

This book is a collection of short stories written by Ravindranath Tagore. These stories are translated into Marathi by author Mrunalini Gadkari.

Most of the stories take place in India before independence. Most of the stories are about cast system which was very much in existence in India at that time. Each story is very different from other and circumstances of stories are also very different. There are stories about small girl who is friends with a kabuliwala (a guy from Kabul, and who earns his living by selling fruits), two young lovers who discover later that they are of different casts, young man who falls in love with a girl in first sight, married couples, a young Brahmin boy and his experiences and many others. Very important and interesting part of all the stories is that these are human stories and about human nature.

Though these stories are old, these are still very relevant even today. Some of the stories are tragedies and some of them have very shocking endings, but all of them are enjoyable. Writing style of Ravindranath Tagore is very unique and treatment to every story is very different.

I would recommend this book to everyone who enjoys reading human stories.

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One Response to “Marathi book: Kabuliwala ani itar katha”

  1. Mandar J Kulkarni Says:

    Although it is well known that Tagore got Nobel for literature, very few people non-Bengali Indians have read his literature. They say the soul of story is lost in translation and the translators have to work hard when translating pieces from such masters. However, this book being a compilation of his short stories, risk would be less and I also felt it is good to read.

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