Movie: We’re the millers

This movie is of comedy and crime genre. Directed by Rawson Marshall Thurber, it is a good comedy movie. After Hangover (Part 1 only), I think this is a movie which is very enjoyable and a laugh riot.
David (Jason Sudeikis) is a drug dealer in Denver and lives in a small apartment. His neighbor Kenny (Will Poulter) is a boy who will be turning 18 soon but has very less real life experiences and a virgin too. Rose (Jennifer Aniston) is also his neighbor and she is a stripper in dance bar. David and Kenny meet Casey (Emma Roberts) in one incident and David gets robbed by the local goons who are trying to hurt Casey. Now David is in debt with his boss Brad (Ed Helms) and has to repay him at any cost. Brad offers David to smuggle drugs from Mexico to Denver in order to clear his debt and earn extra money. David couldn’t travel alone and has to look like a family man, so he plans to take Rose as his wife, Kenny as his son and Casey as his daughter on his tour to Mexico. What all incidents happen in their tour, what happens with the drug smuggling, what happens to the fake family that David has formed as millers is the story all about.
Performances of all the actors are awesome, dialogues are super funny, scenes and incidents are well placed and perfectly timed. Story is very simple but it is well narrated and directed. There are some vulgar scenes and cheap dialogues in the movie but they are tolerable.
Overall, this is a good, enjoyable movie and shouldn’t be missed.


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