Movie: Blitz

This movie is especially for Jason Statham fans. Directed by Elliott Lester, this movie has nothing new or unseen before but it is enjoyable only because of Jason Statham’s performance.
Story is very simple. Serial killer is targeting cops from the city, with whom he earlier had some encounters. Tom Brant (Jason Statham) then decides to find out the killer and teach him a lesson, when his close friend and colleague are attacked by serial killer. What happens with Brant, whether he manages to find the serial killer or not, could he save his colleagues, all these questions are answered in the movie. Dialogue delivery, action sequences and screen presence of Jason Statham is a soul of this movie. Without power packed performance of Jason Statham, this movie would have been a total waste of time.
Movie could have been much better if it had more suspense, more car chasing sequences and action scenes. Direction is strictly average, dialogues are very simple. But the character of Brant is very well written and dialogues given to brutal brant are also suitable. All the supporting actors have done well in their parts.
Overall, watch this simple movie only for Jason Statham and nothing else.


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