Movie: The Frozen Ground

I felt depressed and was really shocked at few times when watching this movie. Written and directed by Scott Walker, this movie is based on true events. It is an intense crime thriller very well edited and directed, which keeps the audience glued to the seat till last scene.
Jack (Nicolas Cage) is an honest and sincere police cop who is about to retire in few weeks, gets assigned on important case of serial murderer. Robert Hansen (John Cusack) is living two faced life, on one side he is a calm, decent, happily married guy but in his true avatar he is calm, cold blooded murderer, who not only kills young girls but first kidnaps and rapes them horribly. Cindy Paulson (Vanessa Hudgens) was also kidnapped and raped by Robert, but before he kills her, she luckily manages to escape. Initially when Jack interrogates her, she refuses to cooperate with police based on her history with police. Robert is a good pilot and he had always successfully deleted all the possible evidences against him, by burying them in frozen ground. Cops and attorneys have no solid evidence against him so they couldn’t hold him behind bars. How Jack saves cindy from Robert, how jack manages to get evidence against Robert, why jack desperately wants to save cindy, all these questions are answered in movie.
Movie is very well directed and it is interesting and thrilling to watch. This genre can go extremely wrong if screenplay is poor, but this movie is very engrossing. Nicolas cage and John Cusack have performed brilliantly in their roles. All the supporting stars are also well suited in their roles and do justice to it.
Overall, don’t miss this movie if you like crime thrillers.


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