Hindi Movie: Jai Ho

This movie is Salman Khan’s attempt to do some sensible or a movie with message. For last 4-5 years he is mainly doing hard core masala movies, which has got not message at all. But unfortunately this movie is very poor in entertainment due to poor direction, weak story, average songs and average dialogues. It has some good action sequences and one good message that’s it, but it was already known through trailers. So, there is nothing exceptional about this movie.
Jai (Salman Khan) is an ex army officer who is always available and keeps helping needy people. His friends (sidekicks) also help him time to time. His elder sister Gita (Tabu) continuously calls him for some help or fighting to be done. Rinki Shah (Daisy Shah) is his love interest and she is only in the movie for dancing and lip syncing in songs. She looks beautiful on screen but her acting skills are very poor. Jai keeps helping needy people and due to which he becomes against powerful politician. Then there are typical old fashioned incidents in the movie and it ends as expected.
No matter how sincerely Salman Khan has performed, story line is too weak, characters don’t develop well, and even character of Jai is not properly written. Jokes are very few and boring. Story has too many flaws to tell. There are too many supporting actors and actresses but none of them create any impression. Direction of Sohail Khan is pathetic and completely old fashioned. There is only one good message that is instead of saying thank you to someone, one should help 3 more people and asks them to help 3 more, this will create a helping chain and humanity will rise. But movie is intolerable to watch for 2 and half hours.
Overall, don’t watch this movie at all instead spend that time in helping others.


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