Movie: Captain Philips

This is one heck of a movie. You would enjoy it most if you watch it in one sitting. If you watch it in brakes, you will lose the excitement and thrill.
Directed by Paul Greengrass, this movie is based on true incidents happened recently in 2009. Needless to say that performance of Tom Hanks is beyond excellence. Change in his body language through the movie can be clearly seen. From confident, caring captain to scared and crying home sick person, he has every emotion right. Initially I didn’t expect it to be this good movie, but that’s what the quality of all Paul Greengrass’s movies. It becomes more and more interesting in the end.
Story is simple but direction, screenplay, dialogues, cinematography, performances, everything is brilliant and fantastic. Rich Philips is a captain of ship of Maersk Company. His ship is kidnapped by intruders from Somalia. Captain Philips tries to rescue the ship from intruders by handling situation with intruders intelligently. But unfortunately he gets kidnapped by intruders and they want to hold him hostage for 10 million dollars. Then US Navy gets into operation and rescues him. How the rescue operation happened is very thrilling to watch in second half of the movie.
Most of the scenes are shot so closely, it makes you feel as if the incidents are happening right next to you. This is what makes this movie more thrilling and interesting to watch. Director Paul Greengrass has definitely scored 10/10 for his flawless direction. All the supporting actors in role of intruders are excellent in their performances. Their screen presence is equally important as Tom Hanks’ and they have done justice to their roles.
Overall, don’t miss this movie at all.


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