Movie: Escape Plan

Did you like Prison Break TV series, I liked it a lot. This movie is just the smaller version of it.
Directed by Mikael Hafstorm this movie is a story of Ray Breslin (Sylvester Stallone) and Rottmayer (Arnold Schwarzenegger). Ray breslin is an expert in building security systems. He also has developed a habit of breaking out from prisons, display the flaws in security and he likes challenging self again and again. One day he gets an offer to enter and break out from prison which he is not aware of and he has to agree on some unrealistic terms. But he still takes a chance and enters the prison. To his surprise, the structure of this prison is highly complex, never seen before and kind of one suggested by him only, with full proof security. There he meets a guy Rottmayer, who helps him settle in the prison and also helps him in planning out escape. What happens with both of them, whether they succeed in escaping or not, who are behind Ray breslin’s lock up in jail, what is true identity of Rottmayer, all these questions are answered beautifully in the movie.
Performances of both the lead actors are very good. Action sequences look real, dialogues are good, screenplay is also good but it could have been better. Most interesting part of the story is the escape plan, different steps in that plan, tricks used; also the suspense in the end is refreshing. Writers have done brilliant job in writing this normal story interestingly. All the supporting actors have done their well in their bit. But it is Arnold and Sylvester stallone, who steal the show completely.
Overall, enjoy watching this movie if you like action and crime based thrillers.


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