Movie: The Heat

Sometimes you don’t expect anything from a movie and it stuns you. This is exactly happened with me when I watched the movie, I expected nothing from it and it turned out a laugh riot. One of the most interesting movies I have seen ever.
This movie is a story of a lady FBI agent Ashburn (Sandra Bullock) who gets assigned on a case to find out a drug lord. She has to travel to boston for her new assignment and work with the local police there. Mullins (Melissa McCarthy) is bad mouthed, continuously abusing, brave lady officer who cares about no one and completely opposite of Ashburn. Mullins brother is also somehow involved in drug racket, so this is very personal case for Mullins, hence despite the reluctance from Ashburn she works on the case. Ashburn, who was very reluctant to work with Mullins, later starts appreciating her. In their search for drug lord, they have to go through many funnier incidences. What happens with the case, what happens with the 2 leading ladies and mullins family, will they bond with each other, will they able to solve the case despite opposition from whole police staff, all these questions are very well answered in the movie.
Director Paul Feig has done excellent job and kudos to him for that. Jokes in this movie are really really funny, whacky, situations are new. Body language and dialogue delivery of both the leading ladies is awesome, their chemistry is amazing, and they complement each other very well. The entire supporting star cast is also very good in their performances. There is no single character which is not funny. This movie is a good example of crime based comedy movies.
Overall, do watch this movie you will surely enjoy it.


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