Book: The return of Sherlock Holmes

Written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, I think this book is the least interesting creation of him. Though I like short suspense stories, and this book actually has 11 such short suspense stories, but I was disappointed after reading it.
I read the Marathi translation of this book. Marathi Translation is done by Vivek Joshi and he has done good job.
All the 11 stories are adventures of Sherlock Holmes and his friend and assistant Dr. Watson to solve some cases offered to them either by local cops or by victims’ relatives. Initial story is about return of Sherlock Holmes and how he survives another attack on him. Then there are few good suspense and thriller stories in which author tries to prove that Sherlock Holmes is still Sherlock Holmes and has not lost the edge. But at some places I felt like author is unnecessarily over promoting Sherlock Holmes. Last 2-3 stories are very boring and least interesting to read. Even the suspense in those stories was not worth reading. I was really disappointed when the suspense was like empty vessel.
While reading the book I was constantly imagining TV series Sherlock fame actor Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock Holmes. That TV series is extremely engaging and very interesting to watch, so I was comparing this book to that series as well, so this may also be the reason for me not liking the book.
Overall, this book can be read once if you like reading short suspense stories but you will be disappointed if you compare it to the earlier books of Sherlock Holmes.


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