Hindi Movie: Highway

What kind of a girl wants to travel with a dangerous criminal and who also has kidnapped her? May be a girl who is not at all happy in her life but not a girl who is about to get married in few days.
Story of the movie was pretty clear from its trailers. Veera (Alia bhatt) is a Delhi based girl and daughter of a reputed man from high society. She is about to get married in few days and she needs to suck clean air and a break from current life. She requests her fiancé to take her on a long drive and they move out without informing anyone in the house. When they were waiting on petrol pump, some local goons kidnap Veera and keep her with them for ransom. Mahabir bhati (Randeep Hooda) is a gang leader of kidnappers. Mahabir is unaware of Veera’s family background and when he knows about it, it becomes difficult for him to hide her. So he has to continuously run away from cops and save himself. What happens with Veera, Mahabir, what are their pasts, what destiny has planned for them, all these incidents are next in story.
Basic problem with Highway is the story. Incident showing kidnapping of Veera is also not convincing, why veera doesn’t want to go back and why she starts liking Mahabir is also unbelievable. Performance of Randeep Hooda is good but he gets very few dialogues and less important character than Alia bhatt. Performance of Alia bhatt is good. Songs are well placed and are enjoyable. Direction of Imtiaz Ali is average and nothing exceptional. Other supporting actors are good in their roles but no one leaves a good impression.
Overall, don’t expect a good road trip movie while watching it. It is just a poor average movie.


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One Response to “Hindi Movie: Highway”

  1. Rohit Munde Says:

    Waste of time and money… Didn’t like it at all…

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