Hindi Movie: Shaadi ke side effects

This movie is a must watch for all the bachelor boys and all the recently married boys too. The reason I am saying this is because I could connect to some of the incidents shown in the movie. This movie is targeted to some special group of audiences, not everybody is going to like it that’s for sure. Though it is said to be a sequel to 2006 release movie ‘Pyaar ke side effects’, story is completely different, all the actors are new, it is a totally new movie.
Story is about a married couple Sid (Farhan Akhtar) and Trisha (Vidya Balan). They are married for 2-3 years now and like every other married couple they are on the verge of starting their family by having a baby. Initially Sid is reluctant to have baby but due to one funny incident in hospital he agrees to it. Both of them are at the important stages of their career but they decide to sacrifice it for the baby. Sid’s friend cum brother in law Ranbir (Ram Kapoor) is a happily married guy and he is also a very good father to his son. Sid tries his best to be a good husband during Trisha’s pregnancy and a good father to his daughter. What happens after the baby is born, what happens to the marriage of sid and trisha, is the story all about.
Movie has some very interesting situations, interesting scenes, some really funny jokes but some of the jokes are over the top and could have been avoided. Farhan Akhtar gets the most important character to play and he has done justice to it by delivering excellent performance. His comic timing is just superb. Vidya balan looks very fat in the whole movie. Though her acting performance is good, she doesn’t look good on the screen. Performances by Ila Arun, Ram Kapoor are very good in their small roles. First half of the movie is very good but movie is boring at places in the second half. Direction by Saket Chaudhary is good.
Overall, this movie is a good, one time watch.


One Response to “Hindi Movie: Shaadi ke side effects”

  1. Chintan Jogle Says:

    Yes… I also watched it becoz the earlier “Pyar ke….” was unexpectedly awesome… But this one seemed to hv lost that funny touch and magic somewhere …

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