Movie: The best offer

After so many days I watched and loved the suspense movie. This genre is basically very difficult to write, direct and act too. I am not sure if the writer and director Giuseppe Tornatore wanted to give a message through this movie that if you spend your life fooling others, you will be fooled too by someone under your nose.
The story is about 3 characters, Virgil Oldman (Geoffery Rush), Robert (Jim Strugress) and Claire (Sylvia Hoeks). Virgil is a very famous auctioneer and is very rich but alone in his life. He has spent his whole life working and has never been in relation with any woman. Robert is a genius mechanic who can fix any machine, and has helped Virgil sometimes for his work. Virgil is knowledgeable about antique art, artists and helps in correct pricing the souvenirs. One day, Virgil receives a call from a mysterious customer Claire. She doesn’t want to meet Virgil but wants him to auction antique pieces from her old villa. Initially reluctant to work with her, Virgil agrees to auction old pieces from her villa once he comes to know about the rare psychological decease she is suffering from. What happens with Virgil and Claire, how Robert’s insignificant looking character becomes very important towards end, who betrays who, all these and other questions are answered in story very well.
Very important and interesting part of the movie is that, there is no single suspense, but many. In the end all the mysteries sum up together and it shocks the viewer. When one mystery is solved there is another already in pipeline, so viewer is completely engrossed in it. All the performances are excellent and direction is mind blowing. Technically also, all the angles of movie are brilliant.
Overall, this is a must watch movie for everyone.


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One Response to “Movie: The best offer”

  1. Navin Kumar Says:

    Okay…I m adding this to my to-watch list… Definitely gonna buy it next time I visit a DVD shop.

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