Book: I have a dream

I bought this book in 2011, but I read it in last 2 months. I started reading it back then but I wasn’t enjoying it very much. I thought that if first chapter of the book is so boring then how good the rest of the book will be and I skipped reading it. But now when I started reading the book with least expectations from it, I found it more and more interesting and different than earlier works of author Rashmi Bansal.
This book also has stories about 20 entrepreneurs, rather social entrepreneurs, a new breed of entrepreneurs we can say. Entrepreneurs are categorized into 3 parts further, according to their work, services they are offering and NGO’s they work into.
1) Rainmakers – These are the entrepreneurs who are not only generating profits in their business but also doing charity and social service in their own way.
2) Changemakers – These are the entrepreneurs who are working towards bringing change in society.
3) The spiritual capitalist – These are the entrepreneurs who are helping needy people and needy children in the society by working in god centric organizations. They are closer to the God than other blind religion followers.
Amongst all 3 categories, stories under Rainmakers and The Spiritual Capitalist are heart touching, thought provoking. But some of the stories under Changemakers are merely boring and too prolonged. Changemakers stories could have been more interesting if they were shorter and to the point.
I was really shocked and surprised after reading most of the stories that how a single moment in person’s life can be the defining moment for his or her life. The most important message that this book gives is that the balance in your bank account won’t matter at all when there is a time to leave this world behind. The balance of goodness you have done to others will only matter. This book will definitely be an eye opener for businessmen who are into it only for earning profits and doing it by destroying nature, ruining society, by doing it the most selfish way possible towards profit maximization.
This is definitely the must read book for all youngsters and oldsters, businessmen and workers, entrepreneurs and want to be entrepreneurs, successful businessmen and failed businessmen.
This book can be bought online at:


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2 Responses to “Book: I have a dream”

  1. Jnana Hodson Says:

    When it comes to my to-read queue, I find there’s a moment when a book calls out, “Read me, it’s my turn.” Timing seems to be everything. Now is the moment for this one, next month I’ll be ready for that one. And so on.

  2. Rounak Kharsiwala Says:

    Seems a good read…. Thank you for sharing the links to buy the book, it is very helpful. I read other entries in your blog too and wherever possible you are providing the links which is good. You seem expressive about books as well as movies and your analysis of movies/books is sometimes a dead giveaway. One can easily recognize you are an IT guy and that too an MBA.

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