Marathi book: Fakira

I heard about this book when I was in school 15 years back but couldn’t find this book to read at that time. Recently in one of the book fairs I came across this book accidentally and I immediately grabbed it. It is a small book of just 140-150 pages, so you could easily finish this in one sitting of 3-4 hours.
As the name says, story is about a villager Fakira, whose father Ranoji has died for his village. Fakira has lost his father when he was only 10 years old. He is living in village with his mother, grandfather, grandmother and younger brother Sadhu. Since childhood Fakira has admired his father and what he had done for the village and truly wants to surpass that by doing something bigger. Story takes place in the years before India’s independence. So story has lots of incidences which are relevant to those years and system which existed in villages those days. I was unaware about many things which existed then, so this book really helped me understand how ‘Patil’ and ‘Kulkarni’ were not only surnames but it was also the responsibility towards village and villagers. The story unfolds beautifully and is for 10-15 years of time span. How Fakira and his childhood friends fight against the situations and what destiny wants from them is brilliantly woven in the story. How situations turn a normal human being into a great leader, great warrior is the story all about.
What I enjoyed most about the book is the story, situations in it, dialogues, description of the fights, incidents. The book has foreword by V. S. Khandekar, please don’t read it before reading the book. He has told the complete story in short in that foreword. Don’t know how and why that foreword was approved. Author Anna Bhau Sathe has done wonderful job. He has received multiple awards for the book already and this book is translated into many foreign languages as well.
Overall, this book is a must read for all story lovers.
This book can be bought online at: here:


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