Movie: The wolf of wall street

Some movies are not made for everyone to like but specifically targeted to particular segment of the audiences. This movie is that kind of movie. Not everybody will like it, but those who will like it, will like it the most. I liked this movie very much. 
Movie is based on true story about a guy Jordan Belfort (Leonardo DeCaprio) who enters the world of share market, share trading and becomes very rich by completely devoting his life to it. On one side he is very focused and concentrated in his work, on the other side he is partying and enjoying the life really hard. He is into all types of drugs, sex, parties and all this happening in the office during work hours. He started living the life he always dreamed of. But soon, his hunger for money makes him do things which are not legal. Luckily he is not in the eyes of cops or any higher criminal investigators but due to some incidents at his office and by his colleagues, he catches the attention of FBI. His life is always full of ups and downs, sometimes due to problems in the share market, sometimes due to side effects of drugs, sometimes due to his friends and colleagues. The story is solely based on the life of Jordan and all the other characters are interesting but the character of Jordan is the best.
Director Martin Scorsese has proved his mastery again by awesome, brilliant direction of the movie. What is unique about Martin Scorsese’s movies is that these movies completely absorb us into them; we enter into a different world that is being shown on the screen. But as movie reaches to the climax, we are brought back. The camera work, screenplay, dialogues, characters and every small thing in the movie is so different and unique that you will be amazed by it. It’s a complete roller coaster ride of emotions, funny scenes and interesting sequences. Performance of Leonardo Decaprio is according to me, his best performance till date. All the other supporting actors also have done perfect job in their characters. Jonah Hill also has given the excellent performance as Donnie.
Overall, this movie is a must watch for you if you enjoy movies with different treatment, different story and many adult scenes.


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One Response to “Movie: The wolf of wall street”

  1. Jatin Adani Says:

    So true…it is a roller coaster ride. Living a dream in a land of opportunities…. Achieving what you want by any possible way…. The movie has its share of fun, excitement, drama and all… Really enjoyable movie… But yeah as you mentioned… Not for all 🙂

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