Marathi book: Sampoorna Kalidas Katha

Sanskrit is amongst the oldest languages in the world. Poet Kalidas is one of the world’s most famous and celebrated poets till today. This book about Kalidas has 8 stories. First story is about poet Kalidas himself and remaining 7 are Marathi translations of his work. I knew very little about the poet Kalidas and hence wanted to read this book so desperately. To my surprise, except first story which is about Kalidas’s whole life, there is nothing about Kalidas in the other stories. But nonetheless, I enjoyed reading the other stories too.
Kalidas wrote 3 dramas viz. ‘Shakuntal’, ‘Malavikagnimitra’, ‘Vikramorvashiyam’ and 4 big poems viz. ‘Meghadoot’, ‘Ritusanhar (nal-damayanti)’, ‘Kumarsambhav’ and ‘Raghuvansh’. As per the foreword in the book, Kalidas also wrote poem ‘Kunteshvardoutya’, but there is no part available of that poem today. Kalidas never wrote anything about him in his stories or poems, so there is very little information available about him today. All the dramas and poem ‘Ritusanhar’ are basically love stories, how kings in those days fall in love at first sight with some beautiful women and what happened next are basically the stories about. ‘Kumarsambhav’ is a story about Hindu lord Shiva, his wife Parvati, their marriage and their first son Kartik. ‘Raghuvansh’ poem is about raghu clan of Hindu god Ram and his ancestors and next generations. ‘Meghadoot’ is most famous poem by Kalidas and it is about a lover separated from his wife, whom he loves the most, talking to a cloud, and explaining that cloud his situation, so that cloud can convey his feelings to his wife.
After reading the work of Kalidas, who seemed to be from 5th to 6th century, I feel that Gods and Humans were very much connected those days. From the descriptions in the stories I also felt like earth and heaven were also very close or they were in reach with each other. Some incidents in poems and dramas talk also about how airplane used to exist those days and some special art forms existed which were used by Gods and humans. At some points the language used in book became very boring and dialogues were too dramatic to read. But overall, the book is good and must read if you are interested in understanding the work of Kalidas and about Kalidas.
Written by V. V. Hadap, this book can be bought from riya publications by sending them email at There are many other books about Kalidas are available at here:


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