Hindi Movie: The Xpose

I don’t know why but I like watching suspense movies a lot and that is the only reason I watched this movie. But I enjoyed the dialogues and drama of this movie, more than suspense in story. Suspense in the movie is very limited and story revolves around it only in the last 25-30 minutes. So, one shouldn’t expect a suspense movie while watching it.
Story takes place in the years of 1960-1970 and is about film industry, rivalry in heroines, heroes, directors and drama surrounding it all. Ravi Kumar (Himesh Reshamiya) is an ex cop and now southern movies super star. KD (Yo Yo Honey Singh) is a music composer and a guy who does anything to get publicity. There are 2 Hindi movie heroines Chandani and Zara in the story, who are jealous of each other and take their rivalry in every stage of their lives. 2 directors are doing films with both of them simultaneously and there films are about to clash on the box office. Ravi Kumar is an actor with high self pride and won’t submit to director or dialogue writer of the movie. He tries to dominate the movie in every possible way. During one of the accidents in film studios, Ravi falls in love with Chandani, who is the heroine of another movie. Chandani also starts loving Ravi, though she is currently dating another movie star. What happens next in the story, who is the real murderer, is better seen in the movie itself.
Himesh Reshamiya has acted sincerely in the movie but he doesn’t have the persona to carry the character like Ravi Kumar. All other actors average and no one has significant role. In fact the whole movie is watchable only because of its story and dialogues in it. It could have been a much better film if production house had selected good star cast and good director for it. Yo yo honey singh is boring and doesn’t know how to act. Songs in the film are total headache. Suspense in story is also very lame and too obvious to guess.
Overall, watch this movie only if you have nothing else to watch.


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