BMW and Lamborghini

Being a typical middle class guy, I am not very knowledgeable about high end cars and their different models. But I never thought that this will make a fool out of me in front of kids which are less than 5 years old.
It happened something like this: I was taking a walk with my 11 month old daughter in my arms. There were two other kids from my apartment, playing around. Since they both are very fond of my daughter, they started bouncing around me and started waving hands towards her. I also enjoyed the kids company along with my daughter. After some time, kid brought out a car toy from his bag. I took that toy and showed it to my daughter while saying “BMW, for you riddhi”. The kid started laughing and replied “that’s not a BMW uncle, that’s Lamborghini”. My jaw touched the ground, but I could not let him know that, so I said “oh, yes…. I didn’t saw it properly”. To avoid any further let downs, I quickly excused myself out from there.
Later I started thinking about the incident and I realized that this generation Y is going to be way smarter than us. They will be definitely compatible for rapidly progressing and constantly changing today’s world. I am not even 30, but I am tired of these continuous changes. My daughter won’t play with any toy for more than a week. She is always relentless. Too much change will definitely lead to instability in life. But one can’t predict how much is enough and when will you get outdated, no one knows. Coming back to the incident, I decided that, I will never try my knowledge in front of any kid. But I am definitely going to bring if not real then at least a high end car toy for my daughter.


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