Memory loss

I think kids have their unique way of teaching things. You have to be observant to understand what the message is for you in it. I normally don’t look so keenly, but as and when you start spending more time with your kids, you realize why they do what they do. And some cases could be really eye-opener for anyone. Such incident happened with me and my father in law recently.

Few days ago, my father in law visited us for couple of days. He is the man who has taken very good care of my daughter in her initial months in this world. He would spend sleepless nights just to make her laugh, keep her happy. He has done everything what is needed to take care of a new born baby. Of course he had a helping hand from my mother in law and some other relatives. So, coming back to incident, when he visited us, I opened the door with my 11 month daughter in my arms. He was very excited to see her, so he smiled. But only god knows why, my daughter started crying so loud, as if she is scared to see someone complete unknown. We all were shocked, how it could be possible. She could not recognize the man whom she wouldn’t let go away from her. I remember in her even younger days, how she would only want to be with her grandfather and no one else. After this incident even her grandpa didn’t give up to win her affection. For next two days again he took good care of her, took her along with him outside, and played with her to make her happy. She again had the same affection for her grandpa which she earlier had.

What I learnt from this incident is that, no matter how good you behave with someone, you can’t control how the other person will behave with you. May be god wanted to teach us that our well deeds may not be enough for even this birth, forget next births. The way she forgot her grandpa and again started liking her was also an indication of cyclic nature of the world. Nothing is permanent, neither love nor hatred. But we shouldn’t give up and always well behave with everyone we come across in this small world. Because that way we could at least expect good from other end.


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One Response to “Memory loss”

  1. Rohit Rane Says:

    Very well put! “Nothing is permanent, neither love nor hatred. But we shouldn’t give up and always well behave with everyone we come across in this small world”

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